International Westminster Dog Shows

Rewarding the best specimen:Official Cinophile groups a considerable number of breeding aficionados, form all around Europe and America. From the first pageants, which were celebrated in the late 19th century, many changes have been made. Currently, the beauty of the animal is not the only important item, but work and sport tests have also been developed. To register in these competitions you must meet certain requirements, which are specified by the International Cinophile Federation or kennel clubs in every country. Participant dogs must follow the required standard for every breed. This involves special feeding and care, for hair pigmentation and texture are to be in perfect conditions.

A fundamental aspect of show dogs is the personality. They have to be sociable, for any incident could be penalized with disqualification. They do not need a complete education, but a basic obedience instruction is essential. Pageants are unavoidable for a serious breeder, for they are the only chance for them to show their abilities in choosing the right dogs, and also for comparing their dogs with the rest

There is no sense in saying a dog is magnificent if you don't confirm their value in one or several competitions. There are several kinds of pageants:

  • Regional Canine Shows are open to any breed. Their objective is to gather enthusiasts. Young dogs are usually initiated in these.
  • In National Canine Shows dogs are given a CAC, which is a Certificate on Aptitude, depending on the breed and gender of the dog.
  • In the International Pageants dogs are given a CACIB (International Championship Certificate).
  • Mono breed Dog Shows are events that are dedicated to one breed only. They are organized by kennel Clubs. Every breed and gender is given one CAC.
  • Special shows are pageants that are celebrated along with National and International shows.

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