Dog Skin Allergies and Skin Care

Dog Skin Allergies can be caused by parasites, plants, medication, insects, food and are manifested in different ways. The vet can make a test that allows us to discover what substance is causing the allergy. The substances stick to the skin and if the dog is allergic to them then a papule forms. When a Dog Skin Allergy happens we must proceed to apply a treatment of taking the sensibility away.

The Piodermitis of the Folds: It's a problem specific in dogs with flat nozzles. The skin folds are never in contact with the air and the accumulation of impurities causes and infection. The daily control and the application of an antiseptic product constitute one of the fundamental ways to prevent these infections.

The Hair Hygiene: The care of the hair is useful to detect possible skin problems or the presence of parasites, and at the same time it prevents the loss of hair and its consequences.

Hair Loss: All dogs lose hair, even those breeds that don't have abundant hair. It is important to be able to detect the different places where the dog loses hair, that affect the whole body and the located lesions, which are limited to a concrete area. It is normal that hairs fall because they regenerate regularly. Although, if these form in alopecic areas, if the hair breaks orlosses shine; it is possible that we are confronting a dermatological infection. Do vitamins, yeast or the special shampoos have any utility for the hair care? It is hard to claim that these vitamins and supplements cause any effect on the dog's hair. The metabolism of the synthesis vitamins is different than that of the natural vitamins contained in vegetables and fruits. The dog's organism does not totally absorb all of these. On the other hand, the vitamins have a limited life which is inferior to the products life. Nevertheless, not all treatments are unsuccessful. It is better to buy the vitamins that they sell in veterinarian centers. When facing a dermatological problem it is necessary to find the medical cause. The supplements and vitamins are not bad for the dog, but it must not constitute the beginning treatment. On the other hand it is a goof reinforcement to administrate a good complement two times a year, during the times of hair change. In order for it to be efficient it must last about three weeks. Hair change happens 2 times a year, in spring and autumn. The vitamins favor the growth of new hair.

Dog Skin Care

The Skin's Structure and care: The dog skin is the tissue that covers the animal's body. It is in permanent contact with the surroundings and is constantly renewed. Some cells in the organism never regenerate, which implies that its destruction is definite, like neurons. On the other hand the skin falls regularly and new sells synthesize. Thanks to that they are able to heal. The ectoderm is the most superficial part of the skin. It is made up off dead cells that will be eliminated. Skin is also subject to exterior aggressions

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