Dog Skin and Dog Coat Care

Believe it or not, a dog's skin is very sensitive and delicate. Their pH is different from a human's and because of this dogs need to use very specific skin care products. Underneath a dog's skin are the sebaceous glands that secrete a greasy substance that works itself up onto the dogs skin all the way to its hair and it serves to protect the dog's skin and hair. Although it is true that dogs require baths, make sure when giving your dog a bath to not scrub him down so much to where you remove this substance from his skin and hair. Removing this natural oil makes the dog become vulnerable to humidity, powder, impurities etc. A dog's hair is very similar to that of a human's as it is born, grows, gets old, and dies and it is then replaced with new hair. Ofcourse there are many different types of dogs with different types of hair and coats therefore it's important to find out what type of hair, coat and care your dog will require before getting one. Normally dogs that have long straight hair shed two times a year and they need and require daily brushing and frequent grooming. Dogs that have shorter hair can shed all throughout the year and these dogs also require frequent grooming and brushing. Dogs that have stiff, bristled or curly hair shed less, but their hair continues growing and they require grooming as well.

Another very important reason to keep yourdog coatand hair clean is to avoid unwanted parasites such as mats and flees. Remember that the best way to get your dog used to your cuddles, petting, and tickles is to do this while grooming. A good responsible dog owner will regularly groom his or her dog and will take advantage of this opportunity to establish trust and strengthen their bonds.

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