Dog Skin Pruritus

The dog, evidently, feels itchy; scratches, licks, and bites himself. However, there are no parasites, otitis or any visible alteration of the skin. So, we are faced with a case of skin pruritus without a confirmed cause. It is a really uncomfortable situation for the dog, the owner, and for the veterinarian.Most of the time, you can get rid of the itching via hormonal pills (corticoids), but usually the dog starts scratching again once the daily application is interrupted. It is usually a reaction of hypersensitivity (allergy). What has changed in the dog's environ? A new kind of food, an antiparastie spray, a new collar, a different floor disinfectant; the cause of an allergy can be many. You yourself should try to discover the cause; the veterinarian can't you that much advice. Surely it isn't something that is threatening your dog's life, but it is a bothersome affliction.

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