Dog Smell Sense - Urine & Skunk

All dog smell things to gather information. A dog has a remarkable ability to discover an incredible amount of information by smelling the urine and feces left by other dogs. This type of behavior is not something very enjoyable for the dog owner, but your dog is able to use this ability to find out what other dog was recently around the area, how long ago the other dog was there, if it was a male of female, if they were sick or healthy, their age, and how well they are taken care of. In fact obtaining information through their sense of smell is so important for dogs that a lot of them seem to be almost obsessed with it.

The importance of odors for dogs: One of the most important and basic senses a dog has is his sense of smell. Dogs have such an incrediblydeveloped sense of smell that they are able to discover all types of things about a person or a place that a human would never be able to discover by just smelling it. Odor remains on things during a certain amount of time, and for a dog, having a chance to smell them is similar to watching a movie of all of the things that could have happened in that place in the past. There are dog owners that get angry at their dogs for stopping to smell things, but this is the best way they have to discover the world around them; it's similar to the way we humans find out about what goes on around us by using our sense of sight.

Not there? No dog skunk smell here! There are a lot of dogs that concentrate on smelling the odors left by other dogs by smelling the pants of a person – they usually do this by rubbing their face on the person's pants. Putting aside the odors the dog is investigating, he also often times smells in between a person's legs to include in the odor of the person they are "investigating", obviously this type of behavior is someone embarrassing for the dog owner or for visitors that come to visit.

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