Dog Smells Cat, Dogs Smell other Dog

Cats and dogs: Cats like rubbing the top part of their heads on their friends. If you have ever been in company of a friendly cat a dog (yes, they do exist), you may have observed this happening. Obviously the way the dog will take this gesture from the cat is by smelling the cat's head, which in turn will then allow the dog to confirm that in fact the head in front of his face is his friend cat. The dog will also be able to tell where the cat has been, who he has been around etc.

Running into other dogs: A dog's sense of smell is very important because it helps them find out a lot of things about other dogs. A dog has only to smell a certain odor to find out almost everything about another dog. This type of communication allows the dog to know how the other dog is, where he is from, what he has eaten, if it is a male or female, how old he is, if he is a relaxed or stressed dog etc. It's also very likely that a dog is able to discover and find out many other things by smelling that we are not aware of. The act of smelling is brought about as a ritual that dogs mutually do by smelling each other's face and anus. After this, one of the dogs can give the signal that he wants to play and the game begins, otherwise the dogs each go on their own way, or in some occasions they fight.

Who are you: If you are a dog owner who frequently takes your dog out on walks you will probably have observed how your dog smells other dogs when getting close to them. Usually, a dog will smell the other dogs face and anus, however, if the dog is on the leash, he will probably just resort to smelling the other dogs face. Dogs don't usually look each other in the eyes because this is a threatening signal. The best thing to do in these occasions is to observe your dog and the other dog, if you notice the other dog or your own dog seems to be getting aggressive, separate them.

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