Dog Socializing with other dogs. Dog meets dog.

Your puppy must meet many other dogs, so he can learn their language, and learns to enjoy the company of his kind. Other dog breeds might seem extremely strange to your puppy at first. But with time your dog will come to realize that each breed has different appearances, behaves differently, produces different smells and sounds differently, but in the end they are all dogs! Imagine how a Yorkshire terrier would feel when he first sees a German Shepard the same age as he, but is 4 times bigger than he is. Different canine dogs also make different sounds: the Basenji for example and some other dogs don't bark, instead they make a different strange noise.Dog Socializing with other dogs There are dogs with hard and pointy ears, and dogs with hanging ears. A dog' tail will always help you with information about the owners' mood, but it varies a lot between breeds. All you have to do is compare the hairy tail of a Golden Retriever with the small curled tail of a Carline, for example.

Sometimes the strangest thing your dog will find in another canine breeds will be the length and texture of its hair. Take a look at the difference of hair on an English Shepherd, and the Chiwawa which practically has no hair.

Then there are dogs that look nothing like any other breed like the exotic Lhasa Apso, the Chow-Chow or the Shar Pei. How to handle your dog

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