Dog Spraying - Dog Abortion Shut - Dog Castration

There are various methods that will prevent dog pregnancy: You can use female dog spraying or dog castration as ultimate methods. There is also now types of dog abortion shuts you can use. Watch: If you do not want to use hormones or medical surgery, then you need to watch your bitch closely before she is on heat. Keep her leashed, even in your yard and garden.Dog abortion Shut - The injection: This is a hormonal injection that is not a definitive solution: it can cause cancer, metritis and other diseases.

Female Dog Spaying: This is the only absolute solution. Some people say the real crime against nature is the fact that dogs, being tamed, are not able to live freely and develop their sexuality as they should. It is not true that bitches gain weight after this procedure. There is hormonal change, which means the bitch will have to eat 1/3 of her usual portions and make a lot of exercise. Hair can change after spaying, especially long hair. It will become softer. Some bitches may need hormonal treatment when old. Male castration is recommended when the dog is obviously suffering because of the lack of sexual activity: it is thin, it becomes aggressive and chases bitches constantly. In old dogs, castration may be the solution for certain diseases (as prostate cancer and kidney disease). This is also an alternative for dogs that are too aggressive.

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