Dog Sterilization. Canine Castration

Castration in male dogs faces, especially in men, strong psychological objections which are difficult to explain in objective terms. The operation itself offers no more risk than any other and is done with no pain under complete anesthesia. The adult male dog will conserve his masculine appearance , and only the young ones will remain with a young and feminine appearance.The male dog suffers, no doubt, more as a consequence of the repression of his impulses than for its disappearance. We shouldn't see this from a human point of view: animals do not have a sensation of loss! Castrated dogs become calmer, which is why castration is the best solution in cases of extreme aggressiveness. As far as obesity, what I mentioned regarding the female dog goes the same for male dogs: with an appropriate diet, there is no reason why there should be a problem. All in all, you can say that castration is the safest method to make your hyperactive dog (male or female) a formal domestic dog. There are absolutely no medical objections.

Canine Castration: In this intervention the seminal conducts (in males), or the ovary conducts (in females), are cut. In both cases the animals keep on being sexually active, they just lose the ability to procreate. This, however, does not reduce the inconveniences for the owner, which is why this method is simply not recommended.

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