Dog Submission - Dog Leadership and Dog Smile

Important dogs: Within already established packs, the demonstrations of power, if necessary, are usually more subtle than direct aggression. If you have two or more dogs, there is probably one that always sits on the couch, has the toys, and that uses his body to avoid any attempts from the other dogs to get to his place of leadership, and this all usually happens without any need to become aggressive. Aggressive behavior is also less probable between companion dogs since the type of lives they live is usually pretty tranquil and since these types of dogs are usually spayed or neutered, the need to be competitive and aggressive reduces considerably.

Dog Smile

Friendly dog smile: Dogs "smile" when showing their friendliness toward people. A dog "smiles" by opening his mouth and showing his teeth with his face stretches back. The problem with this is that sometimes people think that the dog is actually showing an aggressive behavior. The truth is that these "smiles" are similar to the smiles that a human does and often times dogs do this when meeting people they do not know. Strange as it may seem, these "smiles" are only something dogs do to humans and not to other dogs, and the propensity to show this type of behavior seems to be something that a dog inherits from his family. Who knows?

Dog Submission

How can I serve you? Once dogs have an established pack, the subordinates will usually show their lower status more frequently than those that occupy the higher ranks show their superiority. These types of demonstrations from the subordinates are done through frequent acts of submission when they come into contact with an animal that occupies a higher place than they do. These submissive acts serve as part of the process that allows a hierarchy to function and work smoothly. They actually avoid their leaders from becoming aggressive by letting them know that they are aware of who the leaders are, and it is something that is appreciated by all the members of the pack.

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