Dog Tactics

Dog tactics: When dogs feel threatened, they can sometimes become aggressive to defend themselves, but usually this only happens when the dog has no other choice and all other attempts of gaining control have failed. Obviously before deciding to take this route, they need to carefully consider all of the actual possibilities of success they have. If their aggressiveness and strength does not turn out to be successful, their rival will not stop or run away. When a dog loses he stands the chance of getting badly hurt or even losing his life. In consequence of this most dogs will try to large array of various and different tactics before getting violent with another dog. The tactics each dog uses varies depending on the experience of each dog, and these tactics are shown starting from their body language, to keeping as far away as possible, ignoring the other dog, or concentrating on other things etc. These threats present themselves in subtle ways and if they realize that these attempts are not working, they then become aggressive.

Don't bite me: When a dog is not sure about another dog's intentions (because of inexperience), he will let the other dog know through his body language. Sometimes inexperienced dogs will turn to the side so that neither his head nor posterior area is in danger of getting attacked at by the other dog. Usually the dog will also turn his head away from the rival to reduce the chances of conflict even more.

Maybe you'll understand this way: If and when a dog feels uncomfortable he might demonstrate it by giving his back to his owner. His tail will be underneath his body and tense, and in this way the dog will try to alleviate the tension he feels by being stared at. Dogs will also adopt this position when they feel there isn't any real danger of being attacked, but they feel uncomfortable and pressured so they do it to alleviate the situation.

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