Meaning of Dog Tail Position - Language

A dog has different gestures that combine. For example, in the backyard it may be barking and have it's ears upward and stiff but it's tail is waging, this means it's protecting it's territory and at the same time it wants to be friendly. When it gets to a certain point no one, not even the dog itself can determine it's final reaction.

We can generally affirm that:

  • the more confidence the dog has in itself, the more freely it will wag it's tail from side to side;
    if it's tail is always stiff and still it means the dog is conservative, cautious and even fearful. A dog like this can get to the point of biting just out of fear;
  • if it's tail is fallen and between it's legs it means it's a submissive dog, except for greyhounds, which have their tails like this naturally.

However, the convulsive contractions of the tail should not be confused with the normal waging. A lifted tail means it's exited, in this case you should also observe it's facial reactions. A friendly mimic and a lifted tail in movement means the dog is trying to say "attention!". Other gestures that mean the same thing is when the fur stand on end, specially on its lower back.

"The foundation of a friendship between man and dog is harmonious and full of confidence, being a small or large breed."

Dog Hair Language

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