Dog Cancer Treatment & Therapy

Many organs can be affected by the dog's cancer. The dog that has cancer will slowly deteriorate. Nevertheless, it is important to know that great advances have been made in the medical treatment of this illness. In dogs it is also possible to apply treatments in base of chemotherapy, even though animals suffer a lot from it. Inspecting the dog hygienically we will be able to find different tumors that might form in the future.

Daily Attention: The organs grow old with time, with the different consequences in the physical plain. The regular care permits the old dog to stay in shape.

Decrease of the Visual and Hearing Capacities: These are the first symptoms that the dog is getting old. The eye acquires a blue tone because the crystalline becomes dull. It is because of a cataract. The use of eye drops can stop the development. Sometimes the eyes tend to sink inside the orbits and are less humid, due to the lack of tears. Therefore, we must clean them periodically with gauze and physical serum.

The Nails: The nails grow and are thicker each time because the keratin layers don't fall off and the dog gets stuck everywhere. We must cut their big nails, trying not to cut the dog's capillaries that irrigate them; otherwise they could bleed to death.

Hip Pains: These are frequent in the older dog. They are often a result of an arthrosis process, which are treated with an anti-inflammatory. In this case the dog has to walk everyday, but at its own pace because it is now old and cannot run after the ball or do a lot of exercise.

Back Care: Back pain can keep the animal from turning. This is why we will take it to the veterinarian so that he can indicate us what is the best therapy for our dog. On the other hand, it is convenient to brush the dog's back in order to eliminate dead hair. The effort for the animal's aspect will not be in vain. Our companion will appreciate and thank our interest for him and he will like to feel cared for. An animal can tell whether we like it or not and that can inspire if it is old and careless. Dog First Aid

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