Dog Ticks and Dog Fleas

Every dog has, at least once in their life, parasites like ticks and fleas. Always keep an eye on them. Ticks only attack during the warm season. They clutch the dog's skin and bite it, and then suck as much blood as possible. You can use a tick collar, but always keep an eye on your dog's skin, for these collars are not 100% effective. How to get rid of a tick: Pour some drops of regular oil on it, wait for a couple of minutes and then give it a turn at pull it off with special tick tweezers. It is important to do it carefully, for you can leave the head inside the skin and that would cause an infection.Diseases: Ticks can spread some diseases like borreliosis and babesiosis; contaminate erythrocytes, cause fever, anemia, jaundice or even death. All these complications can be caught by humans.

Fleas can be very active during the warm season. But if the dog takes them home, they can be there all year round. They can also attack man. If you see your dog keeps scratching itself madly, take a look at its hair and skin.

Use a flea collar as protection. To get rid of them get a special shampoo or spray. Wash every piece of clothes that has been in contact with the dog and the places it usually visits (a special site in the garden, the dog house, etc.) It is important to repeat this procedure after a week, for this is when new fleas may appear from the eggs that have not been destroyed.

Diseases: Fleas are ectoparasites that suck blood and live inside animals like cats and dogs, and can cause problems like irritation and grave dermatologic complications.

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