Dog Tips and Tidbits

  • Some dogs really enjoy toys that roll because they like long lasting chases, while there are others that prefer toys that bounce since these bounce from one side to the next and it causes the dog to have to continually change directions while running.
  • toys with strings that turn in circles and toys that can be thrown by a person at different distances, which give the dog an opportunity to run and chase after them, is something, that dogs really enjoy and appreciate, especially in the case of active dogs.
  • It is much easier for a dog to learn and understand spoken commands if the trainer says them while doing manual gestures during training time.The trainer can then gradually stop doing hand signals once the dog has gotten better trained, although it is very convenient to teach your dog to learn hand signals as well especially in cases where your dog cannot hear you etc.
  • Terriers were originally bred to catch and kill small animals like rats and other small creatures that were considered pests. Terriers naturally have predator instincts that are very developed and this is why they enjoy playing with small toys that make sounds that simulate the squeals of their prey when captured.
  • Bones and objects that can be bitten keep dogs happy for hours since they allow the dog to exercise their jawbones.
  • Certain types of hard leather can sometimes be a bit too hard for dogs to chew on. If you wet it though it softens it and makes it easier for the dog to chew on.
  • A lot of dog owners are under the wrong impression that just taking their dogs out for a walk once a day is enough exercise. This actually goes against a dogs natural instincts and he needs more than just a few minutes to walk everyday.

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