Dog Toys - Types, Kinds, Models

Something that dogs really like is grabbing a toy after having chased it. There are dog toys that you can get for your dog that make noises when the dog bites into it. Even though these types of toys are used for the dog to play with, they actually do more because they satisfy a dog's innate desire to hunt and it is unlikely the dog will jump on a real prey if his need to hunt is being met.

Shake that toy: When a dog captures his prey he violently shakes at it which can cause fatal blows or wounds to the animal making it impossible for theit to escape. It is recommended to get a dog toys that will help relieve the desire he feels to kill his prey. Even though practicing with toys actually improves a dog's ability to hunt, it is preferable over trying to avoid him from satisfying his desire with a real prey.

A dog's jaw: Most domesticated dogs are fed diets and foods that do not require for them to have to chew that much. This doesn't mean though that they have lost their inborn desire to bite into a big piece of meat and eat it down to the bone. Because of this, dogs really enjoy biting their toys to the point where they destroy them and at the same time they exercise their jawbones. If a dog does not have anything to bite and chew on, he is capable of biting and destroying objects inside the house whether it is the furniture or the children's toys, and because of this it is absolutely necessary the dog owner provide an array of different toys such as balls, rawhide bones etc.

Why dog need to chew stuff: Once a dog has captured his prey, the next stage consists on opening the prey's body with his teeth. Most dogs use their front legs to turn their prey around since it is the easiest way to bite at things. Sometimes the skin of a dogs prey can be very hard and they need to use strong muscles in order to rip the meat off of the bones. When this happens the dog stands on top of the prey by placing his two front feet over the prey and then proceeds to eat it.

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