Dog Trainer - Tricks and material to correct Dog Behaviours

Personalized dog training: Many trainers think it is best to go to the owner's house and train the dog there, for if we want to study or analyze a particular issue, we need to know the dog's habitat.Classes are directed to both the dog and the owner, so he/she learns how top give orders, this will make the dog more confident and less shy as well. Time is limited in this type of training, never trust a trainer who says they can do it in a short period of time (2-3 months). Once the training is done, and depending on the dog's abilities and the owner's disposition, more complex training might be a possibility.

Dog Training equipmentand accessories:If you decided to train your dog on your own, then you need to get information at your local store, or better yet, from a professional. If you decide to hire a trainer, then they will guide you on the equipment you need.

Bangers: Bangers are used to correct aggressive conducts or messes at home. Their finality is to distract the dog. You want to be careful with this method, though, for your dog might grow nervous and afraid of loud banging noises (bangers, storms, etc)

Siphon: It is used to distract the dog in the right time. It is good if used with the right order. It is efficient but does not cause any psychological damage, for it is based on surprise more than on fear.

Hose pipe: Some trainers advise people to get the dog wet in order to make it stop crying or barking. It can work, but the dog might get a cold or develop hydrophobia.

Horn: It is used when a dog is aggressive and likes to bark, pull the leash, etc. It is not recommendable, for it will cause the dog to fear similar noises, such us police sirens, ambulance or traffic.

Empty plastic bottle: You drop the bottle, making a noise that will distract he dog. If this method is correctly applied, then you will see very good results.

Coin filled tins or piggy banks: The same effect as the plastic bottle, but the sound is a bit annoying, this methods is not recommended for cowardly dogs.

Anti-bark Collars and ultrasound Dog Collars:There are many models ofanti-bark collars. They are activated with the vibration of the vocal cords. These are recommended for extremely difficult cases, and must be controlled by a professional. Ultrasound collars are similar.

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