Dog trainers practicing

Dog trainers practicing "domino pieces". All of the dog trainers should stand in a straight line one with to the other and their dogs must be sitting. The dog trainers should walk away and stand in a line in front of the dogs, at a distance of about six feet. The first dog trainer does a sign and the first dog changes his position from "Sit" to "Down". As soon as the first dog is "Down", the second dog trainer must use the same hand sign to signal his or her dog to "Sit" and "Down" and so forth. It's important that each dog trainer does not start until the one before him or her has completed the whole process, but at the same time it is important to do this as quickly as possible to not lose time. This practice requires all of the dog trainers to be very attentive. As soon as all the dogs in the line are "Down", the first dog, with a hand sign gets the order to "Sit", and all the rest should successively do the same, in the same way as was indicated above. This practice ends when each dog has met up with hisor her trainer.

Calling a dog out of a line. The dog trainers must stand in a straight line next to each other and their dogs must be sitting. All of the dog trainers must leave their dogs and stand in a line in front of the dogs about thirty feet away and hand signal their dogs very clearly to stay put. The first dog trainer should go ahead of the rest and call his dog using his hand. If the dog trainer is not able to catch the dog's attention, he or she can call the dog out by its name. After this demonstration, trying to use your voice as little as possible, the dog trainer praises the dog by using hand signals. Then the trainer orders the dog to "Heel" using hand signs so the dog goes back to his original place in the line with the rest of the dogs. The dog trainer must then go back to his place next to the rest of the dog trainers. The next one in line follows the same procedure.
This practice becomes more difficult if the dogs do not go out in the order they are in but when the course instructor calls out to them. If this practice does not come out right, it is generally not the dog's fault; it generally means the dog trainer is not giving clear hand signals. Because of this, it is advisable to control the hand signs, by avoiding unnecessary movements and controlling body language. If you are not sure about the clarity of your hand movements, do this practice with another dog trainer. If the dog does not pay attention to the dog trainer, it will be necessary to get rid of the distractions the other members are possibly causing, by practicing alone.

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