Dog Training

"Being a pack animal, the willingness to subordinate or maintain it's place, is innate in a dog. You can take advantage of this quality to be able to train it from a young age. It's something that gives it a sense of security and facilitates it's integration with the rest of the pack".

Basic course for dog trainers: There are a lot of books about canine training with different points of views. Generally, we say that the earlier you train a dog, the better and easier will be the training. The first experiences a dog has with man will be decisive for its future life. Between man the secret is to understand each other, be tolerant and friendly with others and give in once in a while. With canine education, authority and clarity are the secret to success. When speaking of authority I think of the natural superiority of a leader the logically insists that it's orders be implied with. Always with a combination of kindness and strictness, which will end in a praise.

In all training exercises there should be a friendly environment. Also the dog owner should have the following qualities, besides authority:

A lot of patience: a stubborn or distracted as a dog may be, it's owner should never lose it's nerves or desire and should enjoy every exercise.

Consistency: you have to repeat the exercises until they're completely dominated. Only the dog owner can end an exercise. The exercises must be repeated over and over, ritually.

Kindness: during the exercises the environment should be of harmony and friendliness, which doesn't mean the dog should be allowed to do whatever it wants.

Ease: doing the exercises calmly and easily they come out better.

Vocal education: the dog owner should in a certain way educate his/her voice as if trying out for acting school. Do the correspondent exercises until you're able to transmit the orders, praise and reproach in a tone that the dog can understand. That way it'll know if it's owner is happy or unhappy with it. Always use the same words. For praise, your voice should always sound friendly.

Movement control: is very important because dogs are masters in body language. When body language and verbal order doesn't correspond the dog may become confused. Dogs Nature

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