Dog Training

Dog training: Some dogs really enjoy making an effort to participate in a game with a toy rather than for food. Dogs that enjoy these types of activities are usually easy to train to walk, run, jump etc, however, the tricky part comes in when you want them to sit and calm down and it's not as easy as one might think, but consistency will have the results you want. Don't give up.

Favorite places: Although each dog is different and each one has different likes and dislikes, there are certain places where most prefer to be touched. Generally the chest and the neck are the places they enjoy being scratched in the most. It is difficult for the dog to reach these places to scratch himself and often times these areas get irritated because of the collar and the dog tag that hangs. Some dogs seem to be in seventh heaven when getting scratched in these areas, some much so that some start moving their hindleg very quickly as if trying to tell you where to scratch next. Another favorite dog spot is the back of their ears. This is yet another place that is difficult for a dog to reach on his own unless he is young and agile. When scratching behind a dog's ear you will probably notice how he turns his head to the side as if trying to let you know where he wants to be scratched. Dogs that enjoy this massage will often times shut their eyes to block out everything else. Some dogs really enjoy getting their chest scratched too. However, it is good to keep in mind that this is a sensitive area and not all dogs like it. You will have to learn to read the signals to see if your dog enjoys it or not. If you notice the dog tenses up or constantly looks at you while doing this, it probably means he prefers something else. A lot also depends on how relaxed the actual dog owner is as this influences how relaxed or not the dog will be.

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