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For puppies, playing is as if you were getting it to read a dog training book as it is great for learning new experiences. Games using their senses: take advantage of the different structures of the floor garden (grass, cement, gravel, asphalt) or use different materials (plastic or aluminum sheets, wooden boards, pillows or mattresses, cloths, blankets, or a thick cape of trash) so the dog is able feel its way. Use a toy or candy to encourage the dog to walk over this unknown floor, and if necessary leash him walk with him. Keep him long enough to scent his way around and take his proof.

Curtain Test: Make a tight curtain with aluminum or plastic strips tied on to a metallic bar or on a wooden frame, and place him in a way so that the dog cant avoid passing through him. Call him from the other side of the curtain with the command of <come!> followed by his name. If the dog refuses to pass several times, place the leash on him and lead him to the curtain. Make a way for him through the curtains by lifting a couple of the hanging strips and give him a light nudge with his leash (or show a candy on the other side) to make him pass.

Solitary Games for
Dog Home Alone

Just because your dog plays home alone it doesn't mean you should leave him alone in the garden. You must determine how much he can play and how long, without ever losing sight of the dog. To play solitary balls, chewing toys, and especially a firm rubber ball (or his favorite gum toy) are adequate, which will be hanging from a pole or a swing, at a height of 1 meter (more or less), depending on the size of the dog.

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