Dog Training Command

The dog training command you give your dog must be short, clear and defined, as well as well articulated avoiding words that end the same way which would end up just confusing the dog. There are certain set commands that are used to teach dogs such as "Sit", "Down", "Heel" etc because they are clearly different in sound. The most common commands which are essential a dog learn are: "Sit", "Down", "Heel", "Come here", "Stay", "Left", "Right", etc. Teaching these dog training command will help you have almost full dominium over the dog, although there must always be a cordial communication between you and you pet so that the animal does not feel afraid and turn into some type of "robot" that does not show or get affection. During training you will need to learn to readjust the tone of your voice depending on how close or far your dog is. However, you must never give a command by yelling or screaming. And this also applies to trainingthat done with signs or whistles. You must never prize dogs with human food while training. There are special dog treats you can get for your dog, but they must not be used excessively. The most important prize a dog can get is affection, cuddles, and a lot of praise from his owner. A dog's willingness to cooperate must come from his love toward his owner and desire to please him.

Dog Training problems with Commands: It's not uncommon to hear that a dog gets stuck and stops learning during the training, and it does not mean you must blame the animal alone of not wanting to learn or that his disposition to learn is poor. In a lot of these types of cases of dogs becoming pathologically blocked to learning, simply changing the dog trainer has had wonderful results. If this were to happen to your dog, you will need to ask yourself and think about what you did wrong. You should ask yourself if you really understand your animal, since if this were not the case, a vicious cycle would be created around both the trainer and the dog where their communication is all of a sudden interrupted, obviously when this happens it is serious since this is the most fundamental tool the dog trainer needs to master in order to successfully train the dog. There must always be good communication with the dog even when no words are spoken.

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