Dog Training Consistency is the key

To become a good trainer, it is important that you practice on a regular basis. Regular practice is also the key to meeting the goals you've set up for your dog. Practicing several times a week will ensure that success comes more easily. You will also have plenty of chances to work on experimenting with techniques. Plus your dog has more time getting used to working with you the trainer. When you regularly include training sessions into your week (or day if it is a new puppy learning the basics) you will see just how easy the whole process is. You will also realize how much fun it is to work with a dog that loves and enjoys being trained. You'll become more creative at solving your dog's behavioral problems as you regularly practice training your dog. If you will take the needed time to find the reasons your dog is doing what he is doing, you will be able to come up with more effective solutions for your dog. Learning more about your dog's personality can help you in training him to become a well-integrated member of your family. Is your dog motivated more by food-based rewards or games and toys? How does your dog respond to distractions? These are questions, which can help, as you put together the training program best suited to both of your needs.

How well do you know your dog?

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