Dog Training Course & Technique

A lot of dog games are based on dog training courses and techniques and tend to be out doors, but their also a lot of ones that are specifically indoor games. Thinking and Concentration Games: expand the vision and memory in a three-dimensional way. They are unpredictable in the programmed game of a puppy. The little boxgames: in the presence of the dog place a candy or a toy in one of the 2 boxes which are completely different (size, color, and structure). Then you change the position of the boxes and you make the dog look. Leave the boxes opened or half-way opened at the beginning. Later you'll put a mechanism that will have to be triggered opened by the dog (ability training course). Barriers: roll a ball under a barrier (a iron grid, for example) so it will roll through it. That way the dog will learn to take detours to get to his prize.

Tube Dog Technique: you tie the toy to a rope and you pull it though a tube about a meter long. The dog will see how the toy appears, disappears and stays still inside the tube. Take the toy out of the tube as soon as the dogDog Training Course & Technique realizes everything.

The Rope Dog Test: with the dog tied place a candy out of his reach in a way that he can reach a rope with his paw, the candy is tied on the other end of the rope, let him try to pull at the end of the rope to obtain the sweet (it's a tough one, but with repetitions he should be able to do it).

Hide and Seek Dog Game: you can hide a toy, a scarf or set of keys. The game of hide and seek will commence and come to an end though an explicit order, clearly recognized by the do, Finding and recovering objects s based in training techniques.

Note of the technique: Careful with using shoe ware as an object in search. The game might induce the dog into moving your shoes around constantly.

Contact Dog course: With a wide variety of games which extends from paw holding to hierarchy from man to dog. Contact games strengthen relationships of the people you live with and who you play with more than any other activity. But the condition of man being the pack leader must always stay intact. Some dogs easily forget this when measuring their strength with their owner, which can lead to tearing up clothes and scratches. Put to an end any game that makes the dog bite, growl angrily at you, or shoe its teeth in a menacing way. Once reprimanded, those dogs tend to show immediate signs of repentance and take on a humble and submissive posture (belly side up and offer their neck). But that's not enough! Give the command <lie down and quit!> and let the mischievous lay down for a few minutes and turn your attention away from him.

Solitary Dog Games: The game (together with vigilance) is the ideal entertainment fordogs that stay alone in the house, and a guarantee against raged destruction based on boredom. Just because your dogs plays alone, doesn't mean that he can choose what to play and with what. toys for those activities are only given for a limited amount of time (until the owner returns), because, if not, they loose their attractiveness immediately. While he is alone, the dog will play with his hedgehog, ball and chewing bone, which will be taken back when the owner returns. That way, the dog will overcome his fear of staying home alone. Dogs that have protective instincts can be entrusted with duty of vigilance (of a purse, for example).

Important note for this course: Praise and pet your dog after each exercise. Recognition from his owner is a reward and an approval for him.

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