Dog Training Mistakes

Several Dogs
Only a professional trainer can handle several dogs at one same time. You must only train them one by one.

Rewarding a dog is the best way of reinforcing its behavior, but only good behavior must be praised. Begging for food is an unacceptable custom that should never be encouraged.

How to Give Orders to Dogs
Dogs respond better to short and simple orders, accompanied by visual signs. Avoid repeating them constantly because they will only confuse your dog. Attract your dog's attention by calling him by his name. The tone of your voice is as important as the expression on your face; smile when you are happy and frown if the dog disobeys you.

Getting your Dog's Attention
Call your dog by his name to attract his attention. Stand up, with the shoulders directed backwards and keeping your dog's attention on you all the time and then show the incentive to the dog.

Body Language To Express Welcome
Encourage the dog to obey assuming a welcoming posture. Smile, speak in a friendly and suggestive tone and open your arms to receive him but without being too exaggerated.

Using Firm Words
When you punish the dog, adopt a serious tone of voice and say "NO" with emphasis. Some dogs respond better to the deep voice of a man.

Body Language To Express Rebuke
If your dog disobeys you, don't get nervous and instead adopt a threatening posture. Look straight into your dog's eyes and with a angry look on your face simply say something like "NO". The standing posture of the master always instills fear in the dog. If your dog is very dominant and constantly disobeys you, you will have no other remedy than look for professional help.

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