Dog Training pups puppies

Everything we need to know: Although the best solution is for the dog to start being educated the moment it gets home, you can wait until it is 4-5 months old, form this is when the first problems start. A pup needs as much attention as a child, and must be controlled and corrected constantly.

The owner must know the dog doesn't only have to obey all the orders, but also help with some duties.

A language to communicate with the dog: There is no such thing as a perfect language for training the dog. You can educate a dog in English, Spanish, Japanese or German, for the dog recognizes sounds, not words.

We must consider dogs do not understand long words, just syllables, sounds and intonation.

There are some rules an owner or a trainer must never forget:

It doesn't matter if the dog is empathic, dominant or submissive, you must not obey him. It's supposed to be backwards.

You must be calm all the time, never get angry.

Use the same voice tone all the time. Orders, gestures and words are to be the same so the dog doesn't get confused.

It is fundamental to be patient, for communicating with the dog requires time and interest.

Orders must always be given along with stimuli, in order to create conditioned reflexes.

Praise or punish when necessary. Cruelty only gets fear.

Training sessions must be short o the animal doesn't get tired.

Say thedog's namebefore an order so you get its attention.

Remember to be always willing and enthusiastic about this .It is the only way to make it a peasant experience.

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