Dog Training Tips

So you just got a new dog and want people to see that it can do more than lick itself (and others) in inappropriate places. Or maybe you've finally decided that it's time to show your old dog who's boss - the creature wearing the expensive new sneakers, not the one pooping on them. If you don't have a dog just yet but are planning to get one, keep in mind that while all dogs are trainable, certain dogs are more susceptible to certain types of training. Dobermans are predisposed to be guard dogs, while collies are herding dogs, and setters, pointers, and retrievers are hunting dogs. For more information on picking out a dog to fit your training needs and living style, check out "choose a dog for you." But until then, on with the house training!The concept is simple: to train your dog, you must think like him. While many crazy old ladies see dogs as fuzzy, four-legged children (complete with a wardrobe), we have a news flash: dogs … are… dogs. They don't really understand English (or any verbal language for that matter), they have no idea why you want them to growl at a knife-wielding intruder but not the mailman, and the only things they care about in the entire world are you, food, and play (the order varies from dog to dog). Here are some important dog-brain points: How a pack dog thinks

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