Dog Tranquilizers or Sedatives

On the market you can find an array of guaranteed preparations to help your dog's mood crises. Common dog tranquilizer should be ready. Do not turn to your first aid kit; instead, ask your veterinarian for advice. Certain medications which are intended for human use have contradictory reactions on dogs; therefore, some dogs that are normally calm become very active and start biting, losing all inhibitions. tranquilizers are only good for short crises, yet not for long treatments.

Hormonal suppressors: Some dogs "suffer" from strong sexual impulses (satyriasis), others are almost always in an unbearable state of alarm due to the numerous amount of female fogs in the neighborhood. Calming these impulses for a short period don't really make much sense. The remedy in these cases is found in hormonal preparations (which are the same that are given to the female dogs to inhibit their sexual cycle). They consist in injectable products with long-lasting effects although they are not entirely predictable. When a male dog lives amongst dogs in heat, you can calculate an efficiency of 2 to 3 weeks – in very favorable cases, even up to 3 months. Don't worry about aftereffects; in any case, your dog will simply become calmer.
Important: One thing must be left clear: neither tranquilizers nor hormonal preparations offer complete security against unwanted procreations, which is why you shouldn't neglect the other measures (keeping an eye out, for example) in order to avoid claims for damages.

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