Dog Tumors & Tumefactions - Sebaceous Cysts

Dog Tumors
Dogs, especially at an old age, often suffer from tumors. The more common and numerous are mammary tumors. One of every two old female dogs develops nodules in their breasts which you can feel. It is the only type of tumor which is responsive to treatment, which consists in castrating the young animal. This way you can noticeably reduce the risk of a tumor appearing in the breasts. Otherwise, you have to alert to any tumor and submit them to operation in the indicated moment. It is very easy to examine a dog to find nodules which are perceivable to the touch of the finger. Tickle the dog while you examine and he/she will delightfully let himself be examined. Start by softly passing your hand over his/her skin and pay attention to any lump. From there, go to the breasts. Better do it very gently.An operation carried out in time is simple and presents no complications. In a female dog in heat or with a false pregnancy, you will sometimes notice several big lumps. Do not fret, they hold relation to the hormonal state they are in and they will disappear again. But keep an eye on them.

Sebaceous cysts
Tumors which increase in size very quickly sometimes develop under the skin. They feel like a bag full of liquid. These are sebaceous cysts, which must be submitted to surgical intervention, extracting them along with their capsule.
Suggestion: There are dozens of different types of tumors, dangerous in different ways. If your veterinarian suggests a microscopic analysis of the tumor after the operation, you should do it. The perspectives of his judgment in that moment will be better.

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