Dog tumors in the internal organs

At the beginning, I mentioned that tumors are common amongst dogs. I was referring to skin and breast tumors, which are perceptible to the touch. Besides, as with humans, tumors can also appear in the internal organs, that is, in the stomach, lungs, intestines, and other. Nevertheless, they are not common.Suspicion will arise when your dog start losing weight and you can't discover any other cause. Of course, the exact diagnosis will be given by your veterinarian. It is difficult to decide, and there is no general rule, whether or not it makes sense to operate in these cases.

Dog urinary organ problems
Afflictions to the urinary organism are quite frequent amongst dogs. But don't worry because they are usually very responsive to treatment. Unfortunately though, it isn't easy for the unlearned in the subject to confirm the existence of one of these afflictions.

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