Dog Urine Smell. Dog Food Rival. Dog Power.

What dog was around here? The chemical substances that are present in a dog's urine tell another dog how long the other dog passed by that specific place as well as his age, sex, and status. Dogs sometime spend awhile studying the other dog's urine. If it is a strong and interesting smell, on occasions the dog will use his organ of odor that is situated in his mouth in order to get more information. To do this, the dog slightly opens his mouth and grits his teeth while at the same time absorbing the odor through his mouth.

Dog food Rivals

When a male dog smells the odor of a rival, he sometimes marks the same place again with his own urine and sometimes he will also kick at the dirt so as to spread his odor even more. This allows his odor to extend with more intensity because he uses the glands he has in between his paws. Besides leaving a message with his odor, this type of action often times represents a strong signal of visual challenge and it can also be shown as a demonstration of strength to warn his rivals to watch out.

Dog Power

I'm the strongest dog: When a dog is trying to demonstrate his power, he lifts up the dirt with his hind legs trying this way to spread his urine around, while at the same time trying to show his powerful image. When a dog does this, his tail will be up in the air showing how secure he is of himself, and his mouth will be open due to excitement. If another dog is there at the moment, he might also try to maintain eye contact with that dog as a gesture of threat and intimidation. A male dog that has been neutered will try to do this exhibition to maintain other dogs at a certain distance and show that he does not have the necessary social abilities to face other unknown dogs.

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