Dog Vaginitis and viginal dog diseases.

This is a problem that can sometimes provoke sterility. The female presents loss of the vulva and licks non-stop. We cam start a treatment based on antibiotics.
Uterine Infections: These are characterized by the flow of pus in the vulva. The dog is tired and does not eat or drink much. The uterus sometimes fills up with pus with out flow. These infections are called metritis and usually require surgery, since the antibiotics might not be enough. These can be produced after labor, an abortion or contraceptive treatment. They are more common in old females. A blood analysis that indicates a great increase of white blood cells can help us confirm the suspicion of metritis.

Genital Organ Tumors
The Tumors of the Vulva:
It is difficult to evaluate a tumor without removing it and analyzing it. Nevertheless, we can say that benign tumors are usually grease tumors that form a lump in the form of mucous and are easy to operate. The more serious tumors are usually ulcerated. They are often visible from the exterior but don't have any particular symptoms.
Vaginal Tumors in dogs: This is a sickness that is present in most of the older females. These tumors are rarely carcinogenic and the symptoms proceed over all on the pressure that the tumor can have on the bladder. Urination is difficult in this case.
Uterine Tumors: Cancer to the uterus in female dogs is very occasional. The abdomen increases in volume and there is some loss of blood, like if the dog were in heat.
Ovary Tumors: These are very frequent in the dog and they modify their sexual behavior: prolonged heat, repeated heats…

Female Dog Vaginal Diseases

Eczema of the Vulva: This problem is very frequent in young dogs, especially during their first heat. These lesions become purulent very fast due to the intense licking the dog performs.
The Prolapsed Vagina: It is very rare. The vagina spins into the exterior like a sock. This can be due to the forced interruption of unwanted mating by the owner, a difficult labor or an intense effort of expulsion due to constipation.
Uterus Hemorrhaging: It happens during periods different to the heat periods. They can provoke metritis. Where in extreme cases the uterus removal might be necessary.
In the Male: It is always useful to remember the problems of the male in a book about reproduction, since the repercussion over the female's fertility are evident.
Tumors: These appear in the very swollen testicles. In some cases the male loses hair, urinates like the female and we can observe a development of its teats.
Perineum Fracture: The dog presents difficulty in moving and urinating. This incident can be produced because of the brutal separation during an unwanted mounting.
Sacks Eczema: The dog licks itself non-stop and provokes important wounds. An allergy to grass, cement or a rug can sometimes be the reason of this problem. The dog's wound should be disinfected, as well as getting it a necklace that prevents it from licking itself.
Orquititis: The inflammation of the testicles is rare in dogs but it is extremely painful. The testicles look red, swollen and hot.
The Penis: The principal problems is the congestion of the penis, this means that once it is out it can't go back in the skin because it is swollen. It is precise to apply ice and vaseline and to try and put it back in.
Prostate Problems in Dogs: These appear in old dogs in the form of abscess or tumor. The dog has difficulties to urinate and moves with its back hunched up and its posterior extremities are tense. Removing the prostate is not done well in dogs.
Testicular Ectopia: If the testicles have not descended into the sacks, the dog is not well developed. The testicles do not go through the inguinal ring to place themselves in the sacks until the fifth day; the definite position is acquired by the seventh week, but should not alarm us until the fifth or sixth month. If one of the two testicles has not descended when the puppy reaches its adult age, it is precise to remove them. In effect, there is a risk of tumors in the intra-abdominal testicles. The cancer will not be noticed until the tumor is really big in the abdomen. Therefore it is preferable to remove the testicles to prevent this.
Dog Sterility: The exact definition of sterility is no the fact of not being able to reproduce, but the fact of not giving birth to viable puppies. This is what often happens with gestating females before they are 2 years old, but it is evident in this case that we should talk about maturity instead of sterility.Sterilization

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