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Puppies and veterinarians: Make sure when taking your puppy to get his check up for the first time, to take its medical history, which the breeder should have given you, so the veterinarian can see if the puppy has ever been sick, de-wormed, and or vaccinated. Having these documents is very important for the well being of your puppy, so demand it from the breeder you get your puppy from. Your veterinarian will do a full check up to determine if your puppy is healthy, if his bones and muscles are growing properly and if the puppy's mental state is in line. The veterinarian will also let you know if the puppy needs calcium or vitamins supplements as well as a more balanced diet. It's also important the visit to the veterinarian is a good one and that the puppy does not get scared. You will need to help your puppy relax by petting him and talking gently to him to calm him down. Never force the puppy, and don't yell or treat him roughly. It's also important that you, the owner isn't nervous because you will transmit this to the puppy.

Puppy dogs and ticks: Ticks cause and carry in them a lot of diseases. Puppy's and adult dogs often times get ticks in parks and plazas. An extreme amount of them on the puppy can cause the puppy to become very thin and anemic. If you only find a few on your puppy, make sure to never pull them off because the tick's heads separates from the abdomen and the head stays incrusted inside the dog's skin and it causes considerable abscesses. If you want to get rid of a tick, the best way is by smothering them with Vaseline or alcohol causing the tick to become asphyxiated and then it lets go of the dog's skin. If the dog or puppy has a lot of them, there are certain veterinary products that can be used. If nothing else works, you will then need to take the puppy to the veterinarian.

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