Dog water intake

The water represents two thirds of the dogs' weight. To maintain a healthy life it is essential an adequate consuming of water in which could be partially or fully provided through the meals. We must take in consideration that the body's main necessity is drinking water. It is impossible to determine an exact quantity of water needed by a dog since dogs vary in their diet, exercise and weather situation.
Dog's energy: We all know the all animals obtain their energy through food, which helps them to grow, to maintain a corporal processes, to reproduce and to move. Mammals are animals with hot blood and they need energy to maintain a constant corporal temperature. How much energy an animal may need depends on its weight and size. The smaller the animal the bigger his corporal surface when measuring his weight proportion, as per consequences, the dog will experiment a big lost of heat needing more energy per unit by his weight to maintain his corporal temperature. The lost of energy can also be related to an activity and increases with exercise and work. Age, individual nature, gestation, nursing and other conditions control the quantity of food as part of the energy. The food provides energy by means of the digestion of proteins, fatty and carbohydrates. The carbohydrates and proteins, if they digested correctly, they can provide some 4.1 kcal per gram, while the fats can offer 9.3 kcal per gram. This metabolize energy is obtained by this procedure.

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