Dog Weaning for Puppies

Weaning is a process that happens to puppies when is time to change the maternal milk with an ordinary food. Nature will take his course naturally by processing the mother's stomach in decomposition and as a result, the puppies will learn to ingest the food without pre-digitations. With some home dogs or company dogs, one must be checked the puppies and the mother constantly since the natural weaning may not work because many home dogs lack the instinct or behavior to take this to effect. Besides, the puppies may not get their food. There are several methods to replace the natural weaning, but the main point is to change the mother's milk with a new food without changing the rate of growth.

Therefore, to follow a correct progress it is necessary to weigh the puppies every day and minimum twice per week during the weaning and later weekly for six months. The new food should have at least four conditions so the weaning is successful. It should have sufficiently flavor to attract the puppies. It should have texture that allows their ingestion for young puppies. It should have a nutritionally balanced food to help the puppy growth. Last, it should be easily digestible. You may divide the multiple methods in two groups: Those with solid foods and those liquids that are help with milk. The first group follows the natural weaning; crushing the raw meat to get a similar consistency from the regurgitated meat. For a short time administered small quantities. This period last approximate 2-3 weeks. You may also introduce rich foods with protein like eggs and white fish and added minerals and vitamins like oil of liver and flour of sterilized bones. On the second group, you must inverse the method. This time, trained the puppy to lick by thicken the milk with children's cereal and introduce the consumption of meat. It is traditional to have about four daily meals as minimum until you complete the weaning when the puppy is about 6-8 weeks old. This system is nutritionally and successful with the correct supplements of vitamins and minerals. They also have some disadvantages such as:

  • It consumes time and it has a laborious food preparation.
  • It is expensive and as the puppy grows, the price rises since the diet is rich in meat.
  • It is complicated and consequently nutritionally difficult to control.
  • It is dangerous and you take a risk of getting ill when dealing with raw meat. Raw meat has a risk of contamination creating germs if not carefully handle.

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