Dog Worms -Worm in Dogs

Another intestinal dog worms may be better located in his distribution. The Dirofiliaria immitis worm is usual in the hottest zones of the world, and is transmitted when insects take out immature worms (called microfilaria) from an infected animal circulation, and introduce them in another animal when biting again. These adult worms are located finally in the sanguine vessels close to the heart, which makes treatment very difficult. Therefore, medication will be administrated regularly to prevent the microfilaria developing to the final phase of its vital cycle, and avoiding the problem. Those in pounds are in greater risk of getting parasites, including some intestinal dog worms. In case of greyhounds, coughing after exercise, suggest an infection of the Filaroides osleri worm. Parasites can be seen in the trachea bifurcation with an optical fiber endoscope. The Trichuris vulpis worm is also frequently found in greyhounds; is located in the appendix and causes intermittent diarrheas. The Anquilostomas are also a threat in pounds, because they get into the dog's body through the legs, and then go to the intestine, producing a serious anemia. Another Anquilostomas, like the Uncinaria, has less serious consequences. A peculiar nematode, living in some parts of the world, is the giant worm Dioctophyma renale, than in most cases tends to locate in the right kidney. The only treatment available is to extirpate the affected organ. Normally, this nematode expands through crude fish, and females can reach 100 cm. of length. Though it is known in some parts of the USA, this worm is not found in England or Australia. It's endemic in some zones of the USA and some other places. A dog will need rest after a treatment, and will have to be supervised by the veterinary.

Other Dog Parasites

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