Dog and Cat Living Together

According to my opinion, and judging out of my own experience, I would say it is a dog and cat living together is acceptable in the cases:

  • That the environment is spacious enough for them to be able to "avoid themselves" so to speak.
  • That the dogs' breed is naturally calm and the cats as well.

The best way to help them accept each other is you have a grown dog brought up with a younger cat or if they both grow up together starting from a very young age. It is very difficult for an older dog to accept or be accepted by a pack of cats.

Other domestic animals, such as, hamsters, rats, guinea pigs or rabbits, are considered preys\ for dogs. Either you keep your rabbit a good distance away from your dog, or you'll have to give one of them away. There are some exceptional cases in which there are friendships found between them, but those do not go by the rules of nature and again, they are only found in rare cases.

Have Another Dog?
An essential factor, is to have enough space and enough room for your dog to have a "way out", to be able to feel free, it's a way of relaxation for him, and it's also important for his development. If your first dog is still a puppy, the procedures will be relatively simpler, whereas, when you accept a second dog as your own you must go very slow with him, never force him to do anything he doesn't want to. Most importantly, you must treat them equally according to their standards.

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