Dogs and Children

Even though a dogs' character is usually friendly with children, there are however, dogs that are not recommendable. It also depends on the person and his way of being.

Here are two Examples:

1). A German Shepherd has in nature a strong sense of protection for it's owner, and is willing to learn as well. These are two excellent points to consider in choosing a dog for your child. But in some cases the German Shepherds' character is a bit stronger and needs someone with a lot of energy and strength and tame it. It may be a danger however, if you place a dog of these characteristics in a small house with a lot of children.

2). A Chow-Chow is not usually sociable and is a bit stubborn getting used to things, this is why it's not as recommendable for kids. But if the child and the Chow-Chow grow up together they have a better connection which doesn't usually occur with other breeds.

The conditions in which you live in are very important to consider when you choose a dog for your children. A dog that is ideal for a house with a yard may not be suitable for a house with only one floor. And one that is right for stronger kids might be wrong for the weaker ones. The best way is if they both grow up together, that way they'll grow up like brothers.

The Characteristics of A Children's Dog

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