Dogs and Children

It is important to teach your children how to treat your dog and, likewise, teach your dog how to behave with your children. You should teach your children that all dogs are friendly and that, before they touch a dog, they should ask the dog's owner for permission.

Explain to your children that they should never chase the dog, make him mad or shout at him. You shouldn't give a child the responsibility of training or feeding a dog until the child is mature and responsible enough.

Avoiding Visual Contact
You have to make sure that your children look at you more than they look at the dog, because children, who are smaller and less authorative than adults are, are more likely to be attacked.

Teaching your Children to Gently Pet the Dog
Teach your children to pet the dog on his sides and without standing in front of him and warning them not to pat the dog's head. Congratulate the dog for behaving properly, but be alert just in case he growls or tries to bite.

Excitement and Obedience
Train your dog to stay down even in front of an exciting situation such as a group of children playing with a ball. Because dogs usually bite when they are playing, don't leave your dog alone with your children.

An Educated Dog
Teach your dog that he shouldn't take food away from children by getting the dog used to accepting food only when he is allowed to. Reward the dog for staying seated while the child is eating.

Adult's Responsibility
Only the adult members of the family should feed the dog. Don't let the children take food to the dog.

Introducing a Dog to a Child
Never let a new dog smell and recognize a child.

Safety above all
Hunting and guard dogs must wear muzzles when in the presence of children. If the dog has ever threatened or bitten someone or if he is not trained to obey, this is absolutely important.

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