Dogs and Domestic Pet Animals in the House

Some dogs become absolutely fascinated by the things other pets living within the house do. Even in cases where the other pet is not a proper candidate to play with such as the case with guinea pigs or mice etc, some dogs become enticed with watching the movements of these little fellows and if the dog had a chance to he would jump on them at the first opportunity. Unfortunately this can have disastrous consequences for the small animal, and it's best to avoid this interest from developing in the dog from the start by orienting the dog's attention at toys and games that can be grabbed and bitat and which will be more satisfying to them in the end. Better get adog housefor the yard.

Dog prey: Once a dog has caught his prey, the next step of the sequence of hunting consists on shaking it and banging it as quickly as possible so that it dies. Even though our domestic dogs do not posses as strong a predator instinct as their ancestors, they still conserve some of the characteristics that would enable them to be excellent predators in the natural environment. Most dogs really enjoy grabbing a toy once they have ended their hunt and some of them bite and shake at the toy simulating the act of ending with the life of their prey.

Dog games: One very stimulating game dogs love to play is chasing after a toy. This can be done by tying a toy onto a fishing rod with a string and dragging it on the grass or ground so that the dog chases thetoy. Collies really enjoy these types of games since to them it's hunting. Dogs use their front legs to hold their "prey" until they are finally able to put it in their mouth and grab it with their teeth. Dogs use this tactic to scare their smaller prey, especially those that are hiding in the grass, since this will avoid the prey from escaping. When their prey is bigger in size they use their teeth to grab it.

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