Dogs and Games

Puppies love playing. If you ever saw puppies playing you will notice that they don't do it like us. They can't bat a baseball, nor throw a baseball or move he computer mouse. So instead of hands they use their mouth and the rest of their body. For this reason your puppy must learn that he can't play with us the same way that he plays with other dogs.Lots of people play with their dogs fighting all over the floor, even though only playing, it may be a big mistake. If you let your puppy bite your arms and legs while you play, you may think its fun for the moment, but what happens when he grows up to a big dog. A dog must never bite another human being so do not expect him to refrain from biting another kid if he's already used to biting you. Many dogs dog wresslingget into big trouble for biting people: don't allow yours to be one of them. There are many other games that are much safer but just as fun or even more fun. Show everyone else how good and responsibly you can take care of your dog without playing dangerous games!

Loud Dog Games: Many dogs play quietly, but most dogs bark loudly while playing. If yours is one of the ones that gets loud and noisy while playing don't even think of getting loud with him, or else you will just make things worse. Instead stop playing for a couple of minutes until he calms down. Puppy's new experiences

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