Dogs and Mailman

Dogs and mailman: Mailmen are some of the people that get most threats from dogs than anybody else. They are target for guardian dogs. Remember that the mail man comes everyday at the same time, does something strange which is throw in some letters and leaves quickly and all of this is very strange for a dog. Every time the mail man comes back to the door it makes the dog feel more aggressive and he would probably attack him if the door were open.You can teach your dog to not be aggressive toward the mailman by introducing them and training the dog. Rottweilers are some of the most popular choices when it comes to guardian dogs. Rottweilers have actually been bred to be guardians and to have enough confidence to take care of themselves and the territory that has beenassigned to them. For a dog to show aggressive signs to a person going near his property, he must see the person as a threat. Because of this, it is very useful for a guardian dog to suspect of strangers, especially if that is the intention of the owner. A dog that is protecting his territory will stand up straight and maintain direct visual contact with the person, the dog might also drool and this is a clear indicator that it would not be the wisest thing to get near him.

Dog strategies: If a dog feels he or his territory is under threat, he will need to make a decision on what type of action to take in order to defend and protect himself and his territory. A dog needs to carefully think about the possibilities he has of winning and the risks of getting hurt. During dangerous confrontations, the continuous evaluation of the risks in certain situations is necessary so that the dog can take action in the right moment. This strategy helps to keep the dog as protected as possible while at the same time increasing his chances of winning.

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