Dogs and Poison

Dogs have a nature desire to explore and discover and their primary senses are smell and taste. This means that they often get into stuff that isn't good for them and sometimes ingest substances that are poisonous to them.It is a good idea to keep the hotline number of the local Animal Poison Control Center or emergency animal clinic next to the phone along with the phone number of your dog's veterinarian. The first thing to do if you think that your dog has ingested a harmful substance is to wash its mouth out and hopefully remove any remaining toxins. You should then call the poison center and tell them what it was that your dog ate and ask for their advice.
If you are told to take your dog to a clinic be sure to take the container of the substance that your dog swallowed along with you. Some harmful substances that should always be kept out of the reach of your dog are.

  • Antifreeze a sweet tasting poison that many dogs find irresistible. The symptoms are: convulsions, wobbling, vomiting, coma and sudden death.
    Even with medical attention antifreeze can cause death.
  • Aspirin is poisonous to dogs if it is administered in correct dosages. The symptoms are: staggering, blood-tinged vomiting, pale gums, bloody diarrhea and collapse. A water and baking soda solution can be given to your dog to neutralize the affects of the aspirin. The solution should be 10 ml of baking soda to 30 ml of water.
    Seek immediate medical attention.
  • Chlorine a cleaning agent that should always be kept locked away. The symptoms are: runny or irritated eyes, red mouth, vomiting, diarrhea and mouth and tongue ulcerations.
    Give your dog lots of fresh water to drink and wash its eyes and mouth thoroughly.
    Seek immediate medical attention.
  • Poisoning by eating rat/mouse poison or by eating an animal that had been poisoned is a very serious thing. The symptoms are: convulsions, stiffness, hemorrhage, and collapse.
    You should immediately seek medical attention and take the original packaging of the poison with you to the clinic.

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