Dogs and their diet

How do you know if your dog is malnourished?

  • Your dog is excessively fat. Ribs are a good sign of normal weight, you should be able to see them, or at least feel them.
  • A dogs digestion lets you draw conclusions about eating disorders.
  • Scarce, smelly excrement means the dog has eaten too much meat.
  • If it's clear, close to white and hard means your dog has eaten too many bones.
  • Large amount of droppings means that the food isn't very nourishing, since the body isn't taking advantage of it.
  • Light and clear excrement, or diarrhea indicates the dog has had too much milk and/or entrails.
  • Flatulence means the dog has eaten legumes

Note: a well fed dog's feces have a good aspect, they aren't too hard or too soft and are light brown in color; the quantity depends on the breed.

An adequate feeding
For it not to become an insatiable glutton, or a very picky eater, it is necessary to instill an "adequate feeding" from the time it is a puppy. Predisposition also plays a large role. There are breeds which are very insatiable, such as the Cocker Spaniel and Teckel, and others don't eat very much such as the Setter and Miniature Poodle. Castrated dogs are prone to gluttony, therefore it is necessary to reduce the calories it consumes and put it on a diet. It's very important to:

  • systematically serve the food at the same place and time, this way even an omnivore can stay at it's normal weight
  • dogs that don't eat very much need to be induced -as long as there is not a sickness- administering vitamin B (powdered beer yeast) or adding a small amount of cat food in there usual meal.

Some dogs won't start eating until there owner directly provides the first bites. This is not an adequate feeding education, but there is no other solution.

Home made dog meals

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