Dogs are Sociable Animals

Dogs are sociable animals: Wolves, which are the ancestors of our company dogs today, are sociable animals that enjoy spending time in company of others. Human beings appreciated this characteristic and they selectively bred them during many generations and this is the reason we now have sociable and faithful dog friends living in our homes.There are many different types of breeds and all of them enjoy living and being around people in different ways, but something that true for all of them is that they all enjoy living in group be it with humans or other animals. It is very important for them to be with other members of the pack and if they are not allowed to come into contact with others they can become depressed and have behavior problems.

The more the merrier: Wolves that live in a pack tend to have more success at hunting etc, than those that live alone. Wolves that live together are safer and it's easier for them to hunt a bigger sized prey and they also reproduce more successfully. Living in a pack increases their probabilities of survival and of the members that will be coming in the next generation, and because of this, living together is preferable over living in loneliness.

Living in a pack: Dogs accept others into their pack as long as the other comes in carefully and as long as there isn't any competition because of there being a lack of resources. For dogs, being around others gives them a sense of security and company, and this can be beneficial if the owners or humans living with them are very busy and do not have enough time to put into them and give them their affection such as in the case of dog owners that have to work etc. How well a dog gets along with another dog depends on the time the dogs have spent with other dogs when they were puppies. There are many people that have two completely different breeds that get along just fine because the owners allowed the dogs to be together ever since they were puppies.

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