Dogs as Independent Beings

The Austrian Canine Association published these curious and surprising "10 requests from a dog to it's owner".

  1. I live between 10-15 years. Every time I'm separated from you I suffer a whole lot, so think about that before purchasing me.
  2. Give me time to understand what it is you want from me.
  3. Trust in me; I depend on it.
  4. Don't be mad at me forever and don't lock me up in a room as punishment. You have you're duties and your time's of relaxation; all I have is you.
  5. Talk to me, although I don't understand the words you're saying I can perceive the voice from who it's coming from.
  6. Learn the right way of how to treat me and don't give it up.
  7. Think before striking me, I am able to break your fragile bones of your hand with my jaw.. but I won't.
  8. Before you go ahead and put me on the bottom of your list for being a "bad-tempered", "lazy" or "indolent", think about the food that has been given to me cold or been out in the sun for too long. My heart may be weak as well.
  9. Take care of me when I start to get old, you will also get old one day.
  10. Be there with me when I go through hardships. Never say: " I can't see you like this" or "These things should happen when I'm not around". Remember, everything is much easier for me to overcome when you're around.

I completely endorse this list, except for the fifth petition, which I think to be a bit modest; in my opinion you should talk to you dog all the time you possibly can. The sound of a humans' voice creates a harmony between men and dogs.

A Man-Dog Society

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