Dog Education

Observe the next pointers about how to educate your dog:

  • Use an adequate tone, and express audible signs, do this only once.
  • Use simple auditory signs, and use the same ones, don't change them.
  • Teach and encourage it by correcting or praising it in the moment.
  • Associate your praise with a treat.
  • Command it to do the things you want it to in the exercises, only if you are counting on the things you need for the training, right then.
  • It's better to praise it and give it special treats when it does good, than to scold it when it does something wrong.
  • Reprimanding, only if necessary, should be giving in the same moment, so that the dog will understand.
  • Often the organized games they have in the canine clubs, do the dog a lot of good. They learn and discover a lot with the company of it's kind.

To give orders, use the right tone: Orders must be clear and not be related to the praising and encouraging you give it. The fact that they are usually short words, such as - "sit", "out", "here"- they must be spoken with a clear tone and univocal. They must be stern and have the appropriate tone. Between man-dog vocabulary the word "please" should not be included.

Disapproval should be stern: The disapproving remarks should be clearly stern and given with a sharp and commanding tone. This is like a negative reinforcement, to make the dog react when it has done something wrong. It will relate it to a strong sound, as of a metal-banging, or to a muzzle.

Punishment? When your dealing with a bad habit that the dog has gotten used to, you either choose to ignore it or make it realize that it's wrong by finding a situation in which it has disagreeable consequences and it'll think twice before originating this action again. You can trick the dog be controlling your gestures, movements and by being quite. Punishments such as, hitting, shaking it's neck or brutal spinning, should be ways of the past and not recommendable anymore. The best thing to do is act right away, grab it by it's nose, while saying "no, no". If it requires a stronger reprimand, you can hold it by it's neck and slightly push it towards the floor.

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