Dogs Food Supply

Not everything that tastes good is healthy, you can't leave your dogs feeding up to its instinct, it is the owners responsibility. You need to know how to adequately feed your dog. Actually, a family dog runs the same risks as everybody else; one out of three dogs is excessively fat, which is a big mistake.Your dog, whether it's a Teckel, Cocker Spaniel or Dogo, descends from wolfs, which don't feed only with meat. They devour there prey -mice, chicken and deer- with skin, hair, feathers, guts and blood. This way they satisfy their protein need (with meat from muscles), fat, carbohydrates (with the contents from the intestines), and minerals (from the prey's blood).

Wolfs would rapidly devour there prey in large chunks, which they would then regurgitate in a secluded area to be consumed peacefully. They would also bury the remains to consume later, which would be easier to digest because of the aging process.

A dog allows you to discover some things about its wolf past:

  • > From an anatomic point of view it is still a carnivore, because of it's denture and digestive system
  • > A dog also can eat great amounts and many times can't recognize the limit of it's hunger.
  • > Likewise it easily regurgitates leftover food, not necessarily because it's sick.
  • > They bury pieces of meat and bones to eat later, when they have started to rot, (meat aged in the ground isn't harmful to the dog).
  • > A dog substitutes feathers and hair by eating grass, for it's purging effect on the intestines it acts as a ballast substance.

This is as far as the wolf's heritage reaches in a dog.

What a man gives his dog

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