What is a Dog's Nature

Having fun while learning: this is the secret to success in every sociable being. Dogs enjoy learning new things throughout it's course of life. Nature has classified them as "having a predisposition", it helps to facilitate the training they receive in order to tame them. This is why they've become mans' favorite domestic animal. Some of these qualities are the following:

  • a naturally sociable instinct; the tendency to come together as a group;
  • a submissive nature, which explains the coexistence that they have within the grouping (as occurs with wolves, they will submit to their fathers before submitting to the leader of the group, which is a role the owner should undertake);
  • a desire to be part of a group (family) and to stick with it;}
  • has a great ability of working hard to get something it wants;
  • a attentive awareness and sense of guarding;
  • very intelligent;
  • a accurate memory (but is only able to remember things that occur consequently, in a series);
  • the care and affection it feels for it's owner, keeps it motivated and therefore is important in the establishing of a good training;

Using praise as the base ofgood training
There must be praise and harmony in training a dog, whether it be a puppy or an older dog. The more relaxed and fun you make the first session, the easier it'll be on the second one. Praise is what forms the character of a dog, makes it feel happy and motivated. During the training, however, you must only use verbal praise, for in petting it you'll distract it from the exercise. Like I've said before, the praise must be clear and loud.

Dogs Education

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