Dogs on Trains and Planes

Before traveling on a train or plane it's necessary to inform yourselves of the possibilities to take your dog, since rules vary if you're dealing with a large or small breed. Normally they have to travel in a cage in the baggage compartment. On the plane it can travel in the cabin as long as it weighs less than 5 kilos and there are no other dogs on board. In many countries a small dog travels for free as (carry on luggage).Dogs that weigh more than 5 kilos travel in the baggage compartment in a small traveling cage. The owner will se if it's willing to let it dog travel in these conditions. Whatever the case you need to previously accustom it to its traveling cage or administer sleeping pills which have been previously prescribed by a veterinarian for the flight.

Before starting the trip it's necessary to inform yourself on the airlines' current rules.

On a Ship With Your Dog

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